Book cover design for "His Soldier's Coat". The story of Private Gabriel Ryan -- as told to his grandson, Shannon Marshall Lush -- and the events surrounding the mysterious fire that killed many servicemen and the few that were rescued by one brave man.

The K of C crest on the spine is a placeholder for the publisher's mark. There is space on the back cover for the ISBN, barcode, price, and publisher's information.

"His Soldier's Coat" cover proof

The Blue Box magazine (design and layout) -- a bi-monthly micromag publication dedicated to the long-running television series "Doctor Who".

Restaurant Guide 2000 (design, layout, and photography) -- a 28-page guide to dining in the St John's area featuring ads, listings, and map.

Viking Metal Works 2000-2001 Catalogue (design, layout, and copywriting) -- a 32-page full-colour catalogue highlighting unique handcrafted works, accompanied by many photographs and fanciful descriptions.

Mulberry Books 1999 Catalogue (design, layout, printing) -- a 12-page catalogue showcasing the entire line of books published by acclaimed children's author Geraldine Ryan-Lush. This was a rush project; layout and printing of 100 copies was done in under 24 hours for a book fair.

Cover proof for "The Colour of Letters", a new romance by Geraldine Ryan-Lush.

Proposed cover for Wayne Sanford's "The Real World of Credit" book.


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