Logos for "The Internet Auctionhouse"

Logo and logotype for "Beeki Books", a Calgary-based publishing company.

Logo variants for "Eastern Edge Robotics".

Logo for the comic book "Syns" by artist Jim Lung (first published by Black Hex Comics in 1998). The series follows Luke (a former Angel of Death who is cast out of heaven for trying to save human lives) and his battles with both demons and angels in an attempt to make the world a better place.

The logo was created as an ambigram. I felt that "a sin is a sin whether observed from heaven or hell -- the logo can be read the same from either above or below." The transition from blue to red also represents the colours of heaven and hell.

Logo for "Citynet", an online directory that was like the Google Maps' Street View of the 1990s and combined maps with retail and community services.

Logo for "Dooble" (a cross-platform open source web browser). The client needed a professional version of their existing icon (faces/vase in a globe). A logotype was created to accompany the icon that could also be used independently.

Cover logo (top) and interior logo (top) were designed as simple yet modern, easy-to-read logos for this magazine devoted to the television show ‘Doctor Who’. The iconic police box shape was fitted into the hole of the ‘O’.